Monday, 22 November 2010

Thoughts and ideas for my entrepreneurial object.

As I am in the first half of my third year, we have been asked to produce our own entrepreneurial object.
I admit, when we were first given this brief, I was rather nervous as I have never been asked to do anything like this before... but after some thought, I am feeling rather good and have started thinking of some ideas.
At first, I was thinking of something simple, for instance maybe a calender. But when I read over the brief again, the object needs to be personal and something that shows who we are etc... so I have decided to make a bag, after seeing and researching the above.
The 3rd bag is done by the fashion illustrator David Downton. I recall that he produced them for M&S. Years ago, when I first saw them, I thought then what a good idea it was- everyone would see it, it would promote oneself and is a great object for the enviroment.
The other two are done by Julie Verhoeven, another favourite illustrator of mine. The second bag was done for Mulberry... this isn't a favourite of mine, but the idea is there.
The first one is done again by Julie Verhoeven. It is an illustrtion, done by hand, on a plain paper white bag for Selfridges. It is so simple but yet it is quirky and catches the eye.
Even before I saw this image by Verhoeven, I had thought about doing something like this and now the idea seems more concrete.

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