Monday, 8 November 2010

More of my work...

I adore working on paper, just pure and simple paper, whether it already has other sketches on etc. This image was one of about 10 that I produced one afternoon.
I love the fact that I hardly spent any time on it at all and yet the finished image is probably one of my favourites.
In the past, I spent far too much time on one image, afraid that the 'girls' were not pretty or beautiful enough. But with this 'speed' drawing and creating, I am not as precious with them than I have been.
The reason I like this one is the limited colour and the random materials that surround her.
Also, I like the way I have drawn it, with pen and ink. You get this lovely scratchy effect, like when people 200 years ago wrote.
This woman is not beautiful, she is missing her limbs... and the look on her face, she doesn't care!

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