Monday, 22 November 2010

Competition Brief.

The project that I am working on at the moment is for a competition.
The competition is to illustrate a new cover, spine and 3 illustrations for Albert Camus' book, the Outsider.
I am near to finishing the story and I am rather enjoying it. (Which is a good start!) I have never read any of Camus' books before, but I certainly will be doing from now on.
To start myself off, I thought it best to research a little on the author.
Albert Camus was born on the 7th of November, 1913 and died on the 4th of January, 1960. He is half French and half Algerian and as well as being an author, he is a philosopher and journalist. Camus is most famous for the story The Stranger, (which is infact often translated as the Outsider.)
The story is about a young Algerian man, (who is a French citizen) named Meursault. He is a rather strange character, who is rather hard to figure out by the other characters in the story.
The story is set out in 2 parts and the first part is really about losing his mother. People are quite taken aback about how he is affected by this. When he hears that his mother has died, he can't cry and when he sees her body in the coffin, he does not appear to be sad. All he does is sit in the room, smokes a cigarette and drinks white coffee- this later is held against him.
Part 2 is about how he comes to kill a man, and when asked to explain why he has done such a thing, he says he was bothered by the heat and sun light. He then is arrested and is sentenced to death- I have not yet finished the last few pages so I am looking forward to how things turn out.
At first, I was worried that this story would be hard to illustrate in my style, but as I read the story, it is rather easy as I have images in my head that I could and will illustrate.

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