Friday, 30 April 2010

The Andrew Sisters

I am so interested in the 2nd World War, from the politics to the fashion. Recently I borrowed a cd from the library from where I live and its full of songs from this time. One of my favourites are the Andrew Sisters. So talented, they can actually sing!


Another inspiration for me. I have been a fan of Debbie Harry and Blondie since I was young. Im inspired by the music and her fashion. I play the music sometimes when I work and find that I loosen up a little Lol.

Adam and the Ants

I love music...
One of my inspirations is Adam and the ants. I find him and his music so inspiring. I've liked him since I was 10! The historical contents in his early days down to his costumes.
I find that listening to him helps me with my work as it puts me in a creative mood... THANK YOU ADAM!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Last night, I watched a program that was really interesting. I find the Second World War fascinating- so this was right up my street.
Basically there was a 1940s street that was built purposely for the show and there the presenter and team blew the street up with German bombs and with modern technology saw the impact of the damage that happened.
It was so interesting but yet rather upsetting and a sense of devastation that had occurred during those times.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Stina Persson

I was introduced to Stina Persson this week. My work has this sort of feel- with the ink dripping... as I have been doing my work, I had no idea who she was and what her style was, so I was rather surprised at the similarity.


I was recently shown the war time artist Abram Games by my tutor.
I instantly fell in love with his work- this one being my favourite.
I used this image for my Semiotics presentation not long ago. It made me look at this image differently- more up close.
This was done for English propaganda- for women to join the ATS.
Even hough it was such a bad time, this image made women think that they could still look and feel glamorous, as the woman looks in the picture.