Tuesday, 29 September 2009

David Downton

By David Downton.
Historical influence. Beautiful soft line using media which I am very fond of using. Ink.
Not very detailed facial features- reminds me of my animation that I am doing at the moment.

Julie Verhoeven- a favourite of mine!

Julie Verhoeven is a huge inspiration to me.
Here is one image which which I have always adored and I think shows what kind of illustrator she is.
I can see her inspiration for fine artist Egon Schiele in her work, by the fine and sometimes incomplete lines when drawing the figures.
I especially love the use of colour in Verhoeven's work, it has a very 1960's feel to it and I like the distorted feel she has towards the body.

Egon Schiele

Edwardian Period.
Egon Schiele is one of Julie Verhoeven's inspirations. I have touched upon Schiele in the past so I have always been familiar with him so I find it exciting to find out that my favourite fashion illustrator likes another of my favourites!
Schiele was born in the year 1890 and died in 1919.
I am just going to briefly talk about life, for example music and fashion, in his day...
During this time, the 1st World War was happening.
Other artists in this period were, Kandinsky, Picasso and Matisse.
Jazz music was becoming very popular during this time also.
Titanic disaster in 1912.
Fashion was very elegant, especially the evening gowns that the women used to wear. The 'S' shaped corset was extremely popular in this time.