Monday, 8 November 2010

My Work x

This year has been an exciting one really, as I have seen how my work has changed, for the better in my opinion. I am alot more comfortable with my style of working and feel confident with how it is moving on.
As is said in previous posts, I am a huge admirer of Tina Berning and Stina Persson, an with their help, I have become a lot more confident.
These 2 images were done by hand, no computer influence with them, but may in the future adapt them to make them look more professional. The bottom image was drawn from a picture in a catalogue. I just looked at the image and then interpreted what I saw with ink.
I love working with fluid lines, mainly with ink as one gets a beautiful and simplistic finish.

The image at the top is one of my favourites.
I spend time drawing everyday, whether if it's in front of the television, where I will keep on drawing until I produce something good, or if I sit at the table/desk and think about it, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I much prefer to sit in the middle of the floor, with all random papers, inks and even tea or coffee to use on the paper to get different effects.
I can often produce 10 drawings and sketches a day and yet only maybe 2 or 1 will be worth keeping.

This is all a part of learning and I am enjoying creating my own style and experimenting with other materials.

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