Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More covers for The Outsider...

These are two of my favourite book covers for Albert Camus' The Outsider. I love how dark they are, which the story is.
I don't know who made them, that is further research that I must do, but even so, they are remarkable.
My favourite is the top one.
From other covers that I have last seen, they are nowhere as... dark, as these two.
The top one is great. I love the black background with the red drips of paint, which resembles the blood that Meursault has produced when he shoots.
One can't see a figure of a man on the cover but one can see he's there and I can't make out what the face, if infact it is a face, at the top of the page.
The bottom one is very disturbing. It screams out death and sadness.
Now I have seen these previous covers, it gives me an idea of how dark I can go when designing the cover.