Tuesday, 21 December 2010

3 Other Images and Small Evaluation.

Here are some more images that I did before my final 3 were completed.
The first one didn't need anymore work doing to it so I played around with the text, what font/size/situated etc. The other 2 are not disimilar to my final ones but maybe one can see what I changed...
The 2nd one, for the hot sun was, in this case, a huge coffee ring, continuing Meursault's love of coffee, but for some reason it just doesn't work as well as the cigarette burn. I do like where the text is situated but for the final piece I decided upon putting the text at the bottom of the image so one can see the whole image.
What's wrong with the 3rd image is the guillotine. It is not my best drawing and doesn't fit in with the other 2 very well.
I have really liked this brief. It has been a challenge, but a good one. I enjoyed the story, which always helps, and now am introduced to a great and gifted author.
As I have said previously, I would have liked more time on it but with the time I have had, I think that what I have done is good. One image inparticular...
I don't know for sure if these images are good enough to enter the competition, I shall see when I get my marks back.

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