Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cigarettes and the Guillotine

As I have mentioned in my previos posts, I am focusing on the objects throughout the story, the first being on coffee, and throughout the story, Meursault smokes an awful lot.
With this in mind, I want to illustrate this. So I have been looking for ways to draw cigarettes and ashtrays, taken from photographs and not illustrations that already exist.
These two at the bottom are quite realistic to draw from and I really like how one image is taken from the side and the other from above so one can see the used cigarettes inside the ashtray.
I realise that this isn't the norm to be drawing this, and in a way is rather crude, but the story is so direct and Meursault doesn't care what anyone thinks and does it anyway, which I supose is what I am doing...
The last part of the story has Meursault executed by way of the guillotine. I was not that familiar with this, how one looks etc, so I researched what one would look like at the time the story was published and if one was different to what one uses in Algeria, which is where the story is set.
The bottom one is French, a rather old one and the one above is quite, if I may say it, a nice illustration of one. It captures the mood of what it is used for and the composition is rather interesting.

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