Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Coffee cups...

For the competition brief, I have decided to look at the objects that occur throughout the The Outsider, rather than the figures. I wanted to move away slightly from the body etc as I feel that I have worked on them enough at this time, for instance with my last project. That does not mean to say that I shan't be drawing them as I in my own time, say if I'm doodling, figures are what I love doing.
So, during the first chapter of the story, Meursault's mother has just died, and it's safe to say that he is not grieving in the usual way, and sits down in the room where his mother is in the coffin and he has a cup of white coffee and a few cigarettes. This I feel is rather important as it shows what kind of person he is.
I took the liberty to have a look at some coffee cups, very simple I know, but I want my illustrations to be that. Clean and simple, straightforward as this is the impression Meursault has these points.
The bottom two of the cups are pure and simple shapes that I want to convey and the one at the bottom is my favourite. It is from the Victoria and Albert Museum, part of their range and I think it's beautiful. The patterns on it are lovely and I am in two minds whether to have patterns on my own image. But, as I have mentioned before, the story is very simple and straightforward, and I think that maybe too detailed.

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