Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Green Eyed Over... Abram Games

I am completely envious of this poster by Abram Games, 'Join the ATS.' He was the official war artist of the second world war and produced this poster in 1941.
Last year I did a semiotic presentation on this image and was able to enjoy going into great depth of research which 'kick-started' my obsession of this piece. (All of his works are fantastic, but this one just 'takes the biscuit!'
This image is so iconic... it was used during the Second World War and was an act of propaganda to get women to join it.
He takes a 'blond bombshell', probably taking inspiration from the actresses that appeared during that time.
First of all, the colours stand out. They seem to fit very well even though they are rather basic ones. Very patriotic...
The part which makes me really envious, is the woman's face! So simple lines and curves which makes her very attractive!
He makes that look so simple and I have a feeling, from experience, that it probably took numerous attempts to get the perfect finish!
I just adore this whole poster. The composition is beautifully simple and yet stands out, perfect for the time it was made. Through a dark time, it must have been nice to see this on a bill board etc, as it would cheer one up, even if people didn't want to join the ATS.
I wish that I could produce work like this, strong, powerful and as I have said before, beautifully simple!
Abram Games is definatley a inspiration to me and my work and I hope to be able to produce images as good as his!
(Well, nearly as good as his!)

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