Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Green Eyed Over... Berning.

Another 'green eyed monster' for me is Tina Berning's work. As I have said on previous posts, I adore her way of working.
I love the fluidity of the lines she creates, very sensual and pleasing to the eye.
During my project which I am working on now, she plays a big part as my inspiration. Sometimes there is just one image of a woman's face, which is placed very simply on the old paper she uses. Other times, like the image above, there is so much going on with in the piece that the eye moves around the page, but yet this isn't over powering. I love how there is something to look at where ever one looks.
This one caught my eye especially as it is different from the norm of her style.
Limited colour pallet and mixed mediums- pen/ink and water colour which I work with.
This image is of Berlin in Germany, which I am hoping to visit in the near future and whilst I am there, or any other city for that matter, gives me the idea of sketching and making some work of my own...
Without a doubt, I am very envious of this piece!

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