Friday, 4 March 2011

Possibilities for Portfoilio?

This is another possibility for my portfolio...
The actual face was done last year, but what I find now, is that when I visit the work again, with fresh eyes as it were, and see if I could possibly improve it.
This image was shouting out to be put on a coloured background. I tried out some others, but this dullish yellow seemed to work the best.
The face is once again, influenced from the 1960s and so that is why I have chosen this foreground colour, as this yellow occured rather a lot in that era.
It is rather simple, just to add the colour, but I think that is all the image needed as in my opinion, it is a rather decent drawing.
I will be doing this way of working in the future: producing work or look at the images I have produced in the past and to look at them in a different light and see if they could be improved at a later date.

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