Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Manuel Rebollo.

Manuel Rebollo is a Spanish illustrator/graphic designer who I came across whilst I was looking at fashion on the internet.
What drew me in was the black and white colour pallette that he uses and the seductive way he has of drawing the models faces.
What really surprised me, is his way of incorporating words/letters in his pieces, on their bodies, (or garment?) I have just been experimenting with using text into my own work, so seeing this gives me a good idea of how it could be done.
This is one of my favourite images of his as it's an image of the the face and body, where as his others are portraits, concentrating on hair and face. They are extremely good, but I prefer this style.
To start off, the way he has created the face is beautiful. It looks like he has done it effortlessly. Missing out the eyes, by putting black marks where the eyes are suposed to be, kept the shadow of her left side, incorporating it into a mane of black hair.
As the drawing lowers, by simple mark making and shape, it goes straight into the shoulders and neck.
Then the body is cut off with text, making it look like it's her body shape, which is very clever. Around the text, he has used basic shapes for the arms and even though is is no detail showing that it is attached, one can see where it is suposed to be and how it is posed which I think is excellent.
The legs are my favourite part of the whole piece. Like the arm, they are not attached to the body but yet one can see where and how they are positioned.
I do like how he has used ink as the main medium in the work, as I favour ink myself and as he is a current artist, it just shows that there is still a demand for this way of traditional way of working.

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