Friday, 28 May 2010

Contacting Stina Perrson

Yesterday I tried to e-mail the illustrator Stina Perrson, but I couldnt get her address on her sight as I am in the library and it wouldnt let me open the website- so I'll have to try again another time.


I am very excited as Tina Berning has replied to my e-mail!
She has asked me very kindly to mail her again when she isnt so busy- yay!!!


It's final- Tina Berning is my favourite illustrator!
I took more time to look on her site and found some amazing stuff! Check out the one above!
So- last night, I went home and decided to write in draft a letter to Tina- try and contact her.
Fingers crossed that I'll get a reply!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Another Stina...

This is another image my Stina Persson that I really like. In previous posts I have touched upon getting into paper craft- cutting, tearing etc, and this image is perfect for that!

The way that she has used limited colour, which seems to be rather favourable in her works, works incredibly well. The inky figure standing in the centre gives an exciting edge to the overall image.

There are bold shapes, which could come across as the patterns she is wearing or something simple enough that that was what Stina felt like doing... who knows!

Stina Perrson

Stina Persson is indeed one of my favourite illustrators. This image in particular is one of my favourite images by her.
I love the use of limited colour, just black and pink and the almost 'rushed' way she uses the ink.
The pink cheeks are a lovely element to the image of the woman. I think that they are done in either photoshop or illustrator for that pristine shape and colour.
For the Dissatation which I am starting, Persson is going to be one of the people I will talk about.
My work is rather similar to hers. I like using ink and pen, (has she used pen for the face?) and think it really works, that free use of line contrasting to the bluntness of the outer shape.

My 1940s weekend.

No pics as yet- Im old fashioned and have to wait for them to be developed!

The weekend was up in Haworth, Yorkshire on the 15th of May. I adore the 40s and this was a chance for me to get up close and personal to it- which lets face it, we're never going to get it back.

I dressed up, as I have a large interest in costume and I would say that 50% of the people were dressed up too.

There was a fantastic atmosphere there, people were cheerful and friendly. There was suposed to be air raids but that didnt happen as there was too many people to get in it!

The interesting thing I found was all the soldiers, pilots there too. I found it rather strange that there was an asian national socialist there!

Each to their own!

More to come -

The Andrew Sisters.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I admire the Andrew Sisters.
I adore the 1940s and this group played a big part throughout the war to give people hope through that terrible time.
They help me with their fashion and play a part with my projects which have a 1940s feel...


I realise that I do not use this blog as much as I am suposed to do, but I only have limited access to the internet.
But, saying that, after some feedback I am going to make more of an effort to do more on it and try to enjoy it through the summer.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Felix Naussbaum

Felix Naussbaum is a German painter. 1904-1944.
He was kept at Auschwitz and did most of his art there.
I found this guy in a book at the library and was looking forwar to looking him up on the internet, so Ive done it!
This is one of my favourites. Beautiful detail with an eerrie look to it- of course. This artist is going to feature in my project I am doing throughout the summer.

Prisoner of War art

As alot of people know, that I have a very big interest in the WWII. As i have mentioned in a previos post, I visited the Prispner of War exhibition in Manchester and it left something in me...
In the exhibition, there was plenty of illustrations by the P.O.Ws which are so interesting. Through all that misery, they still managed to spend time drawing and sketching what they saw.
Here is one that I found on the internet that I really like.
Done on notepaper, any paper they could get their hands on, and a sketched image of people in Solitary... I am interested in this art and am going to pursue further in my personal work.

Paper craft!

This is a recent obession that I am interested in. I make a lot of cut out sillouhettes, figures, uniforms and I got a book out of the library on the subject.
During the last part of the 2nd year, there was a presentation we did infront of our group of our own interests. And alot of my class mates had an interest in this, scenery etc.
But I am more interested in the fashion part of it, as above. I had no idea how beautiful this type of art can be and I look forward to pursuing this over the summer- infact, Im going to go home now to get started!

Victorian photo albums

I recently went to visit my dad in the south west of England and when I visited a craft fair, I bought an aurthentic Victorian photo album for a mere 3 quid!
I love the over all, over the top, that these give.
The album is beautiful, with tissue paper seperating the pages. For some reason the make me excited and an urge to get working, which cannot be a bad thing!


There has been a series of programmes on BBC 1 or 2 about the 'masters' of art. The one on sunday night was about Dali. Of course I had heard of him as my tutors in art college told me about him, but since then I hadn't paid much attention to him- but since sunday, my how that has changed!
All I was familiar with was his melting clocks etc, but this programme introduced me to his talent for drawing and surrealism. It is such an interesting art movement that it is something I would definatly like to look more into.
The image above is a favourite of mine, the use of a womans figure. Some aspects of the face isn't there which interests me with my in depth interest in fashion illustration... one artist to keep my eye on!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Early Andy Warhol

The other night there was this really interesting programme on BBC. Andy Warhol was the artist they were talking about. I obviously have seen his main work- screen prints, Monroe etc, but I didnt really know about his illustrations. When I saw them, they were so good! Such delicate line and colour- almost child like.
There was one technique of his that really stuck in my mind and one that I think suits my way of working... blotting.
I cant wait to start trying it!

Container Plus

I missed the lecture that was held by Container Plus which I do regret. Looking at their website their work is beautiful. The mixture between 3d material and illustration is so unique. This imge above is not too different from some fashion illustrations I ave seen in the past. This will definatly be an inspiration for me!