Thursday, 27 May 2010

My 1940s weekend.

No pics as yet- Im old fashioned and have to wait for them to be developed!

The weekend was up in Haworth, Yorkshire on the 15th of May. I adore the 40s and this was a chance for me to get up close and personal to it- which lets face it, we're never going to get it back.

I dressed up, as I have a large interest in costume and I would say that 50% of the people were dressed up too.

There was a fantastic atmosphere there, people were cheerful and friendly. There was suposed to be air raids but that didnt happen as there was too many people to get in it!

The interesting thing I found was all the soldiers, pilots there too. I found it rather strange that there was an asian national socialist there!

Each to their own!

More to come -

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