Friday, 11 June 2010

Mode et Travaux- Frederic Rey and Frederique Bertrand

In was in the college library, just browsing, as you do, and I came to find this book by Frederic Rey and Frederique Bertrand. It's full of illustrations, every page. There is some writing, but I don't understand it as it's in french!
I flicked through quickly and decided there and then to get it out.
I tried to look on the internet for any other information and there doesn't seem to be a lot about the 2.
I find this book very inspiring as there is loads of fantastic images in there, all full of them using different materials.
I have started to use paper etc in my own images, and this book is filled with images like that!
The work seems very 'free', it does remind me of the work of my favourite illustrator, Tina Berning. It has that overlapping, tracing paper, masking tape sewing elements throughout it... which I am working with at the moment.

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