Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick.
Icon of the '60s. Andy Warhol's muse.
I am also interested in the 1960's fashion and she is my idol of that period (besides Jim Morrison).
Her look and stance is lovely...

Julie Verhoeven for Mulberry

When I was given the brief for the Mulberry task, I instantly thought of Julie Verhoeven as she is one of my favourite fashion illustrators.
Here is an image that she used for Mulberry which indeed gave me my inspiration for that particular brief.

More Barbara Hulnicki Illustartions

Now I have a taste for these illustrations, I am finding them everywhere.
I am very fond of these.

Barbara Hulnicki for TopShop.

Fabulous Illustration

Marie Antoinette by Barbara Hulanicki.
I found this image whilst browsing through the internet. It is very my 'cuppatea'.
I also did not know that Babara Hulanicki illustrated.
I love the thick black lines and messy approach- such an inspiration.

The Regency

The Regency and the Georgian era are my favorite in history. I adore the fashion, the way of life, the architecture and the poetry. (Lord Byron and Shelly).
This era is such an inspiration to me and my work and I would love to incorporate them in my illustration work... watch this space! LoL.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Marrakesh- Morocco

About 2 years ago I visited Marrakesh in Morocco. It was fantastic.
Extremely inspiring and very interesting culture.

Marilyn Monroe

William Travilla.
Travilla was a fashion designer who designed Marilyn Monroe's gowns and dresses.
He also illustrated his own designs on Marilyn- they are beautiful. So delicate yet so detailed.

Monday, 12 October 2009

A Favourite Book of mine, which I cannot put down!

Colin and Eileen Townsend. 1989. War Wives. A Second World War Anthology. Grafton Books. Great Britain.
(Not actual book cover from book.)

Imperial War Museum- 20/09/09

Prisoners of War Exhibition.
On the 20th September I visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.
I have never been there before and I had 'itchy' feet and wanted to go out for the day with my family.
I have always been fascinated by the 2nd World War, may it be the fashion, make-up and how life was in general.
What also was extremely interesting and yet also disturbing was the main exhibition in the museum. Prisoners of War Exhibition.
I have recently found out that a close uncle was a P.O.W in Burma, which was upsetting.
Whilst there, I took notes, picked up leaflets and basically just absorbed everything around me.